A medical billing organization’s exposure is not just the potential of a billing error.  Organizations that handle sensitive information such as patient records have a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the data. 


Failure to protect sensitive information, can lead to a regulatory investigation or lawsuit brought against the medical billing organization for breach of confidentiality. 


A Regulatory Action can be defined as any request for information, civil investigation or civil proceeding brought by a regulatory authority, including federal, state, or local government agency, authorized to investigate a violation of privacy regulations.


The medical billers E&O policy can be endorsed to include coverage for defense costs, civil fines, and penalties levied by government agencies arising out of non-compliance with privacy regulations. 


Privacy regulations include the following statutes and regulations associated with the care, custody, control, or use of personally identifiable financial, medical, or other sensitive personal information:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999
  • Other similar state, federal or foreign identity theft and privacy protection legislation that requires entities that collect protected personal information to post privacy policies, adopt specific Privacy controls, or notify affected individuals in the event that their privacy has been compromised.

Without this endorsement, the medical billing organization would have to pay for the expenses out of pocket



Medical advances and a broadening spectrum of healthcare providers have created a new world of professional liability exposures.


As a result, opportunity can turn to liability in a heartbeat. Rockwood offers a network of “A” or better rated markets with extensive underwriting and claim handling experience for Medical Malpractice risks.


Provides coverage for the professional services rendered in the capacity of a Podiatric Physician. We will assess your needs and help you and your clients choose the policy coverage that best suit your client’s practice and budget.


Medical Malpractice coverage protects against reputation-damaging claims filed against your client.


Rockwood offers the healthcare industry agents and brokers assistance in finding unique approaches to solve the difficult and complicated risks.


Our Medical Malpractice staff has years of experience and knowledge in providing the most and best coverage options that apply to your needs.


Our streamlined indication process makes it even easier in securing the coverage you need.


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Kathy Hasted is currently a Senior Underwriter at Rockwood, and is responsible for both the agency’s Allied Healthcare and Not-For-Profit D&O portfolios.  She has been a Rockwood employee since 1997. 

Ms. Hasted began her insurance career at the Insurance Company of North America.