Think Fast. Move Fast. Solve the Problem.
Make the Cash Register Ring!

Rockwood has an agent who has a group of auto dealers in West Virginia. At the time the insured had three dealerships and wanted to add an additional two dealerships the insured recently had purchased.


There would be a total of 5 separate accounts. We quoted the accounts with approval from the carrier. However, the carrier told me that they wanted an increase in the premiums this year and wanted to restrict some coverages.


The renewal quotes were sent out with the higher premiums. The agent was not happy with these changes and left a message on my voicemail late on a Friday afternoon. Worse, he said that we were at risk of losing these accounts due to the coverage changes and the increase in premiums.


Neither the agent nor I wanted to lose these accounts. We had written these insureds for a couple of years.


The Clock is Ticking


The accounts renewed over the weekend so I knew I had to figure something out quickly. It was after hours on a Friday. Ratchet up the stakes – it was a race against the clock.


What did Rockwood have on hand and how can we create a solution?


Fast Action

I quickly called the agent to see what we would need to do to keep these insured. He outlined the coverage needs and where we needed to be on price for each insured.


I called and left a message for the carrier. At the same time, I sent an email to the carrier that I need to talk to him as soon as possible. Luckily, he did call me back as he was leaving the office.


I told him the situation and said, “We want to keep the insureds.” We went through each insured, came up with revised quotes and sent them over to the agent.


He was extremely happy that that we took the time and effort after hours to meet insured’s and his needs.


High Five!


On Monday, we received the bind request from the agent for all five accounts. This was the outcome we wanted. These accounts represented substantial premium that could have been lost if I did not put in the extra time and effort. Better yet, we still write all of these accounts today.


If your back is against the wall, talk to Rockwood. We put in the extra time, thought, and work to get the best outcome.


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Meghan Bell is currently a Senior Underwriter at Rockwood, and is responsible for the Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) program. Ms. Bell has over fifteen years’ experience working with this particular product.

She has been a Rockwood employee since 1998.