Does your business use, send, or receive electronic data? This data might be information about your own business – or data that belongs to other people, such as your employees, customers, or other stakeholders.


If this data is lost, stolen, or corrupted, the costs to your company can be considerable.


This is exactly why cyber liability / privacy breach insurance is a smart and logical safeguard for a wide range of businesses – small or large.

Cyber liability insurance often covers:

  • Notification (e.g. informing customers of a data breach)
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Related costs incurred by your clients due to a cyber loss
  • Allegations stemming from a privacy breach
  • Violations of privacy regulations
  • Failure of computer network security

One Breach – Many Headaches

Consider this example... An insurance agent runs a small insurance agency. One day, hackers obtain access to client information stored on the insurance agent’s database.

Account information is stolen. This information includes names, email addresses, homes addresses, financials, and social security numbers of over 50,000 clients.


The insurance agent’s IT administrator discovers that a hacker was in the agent’s system and notifies the owner.


Expenses related to this single incident would include:  

  • Notification to clients that were affected
  • Credit monitoring for the clients that were affected
  • Forensic analysis fees to measure the extent of loss
  • Provide identity theft monitoring to clients that were affected

And these are just a few! 

The moral of the story... make sure you and your clients are covered from costly cyber / cyber breach claims – which can occur at any time, in any industry. 

Have questions about cyber liability coverage? We have the answers! Our team can explain coverage and inform you on what options are available to fit your needs. 

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Blair Springman is currently an underwriter within the agency’s Life Agent’s E&O unit.  She initially joined Rockwood Programs in 2005 as a receptionist. 

Ms. Springman was promoted to underwriting assistant in 2007.   She was promoted to her current position the same year.