Roughly 42% of all households in the United States possess at least one firearm. 

Ask a member of one of these residences why, and concerns over personal safety will probably be the most common answer given.

While the right to own a gun is memorialized in the U.S. Constitution, the protections afforded individuals who actually use their weapon in defense of themselves or others is not quite as clear. 

If the individual’s Homeowner’s policy does not cover the exposure, the gun owner will be personally liable for legal expenses, bail bond costs, and any judgments awarded through a civil trial. 

The result could be financially devastating.

Why let this coverage uncertainty leave your gun owning clients vulnerable? 

Rockwood Programs offers a firearm liability policy designed to protect individuals against civil or criminal actions resulting from the use of a gun in self defense. 

Best of all, the product is available for distribution through retail insurance agents.  We offer a number of limit options, ranging from $50,000 to $2,000,000.  Annual premiums start at $135.





  • Civil Actions - Legal Defense provides expert legal counsel to protect you against civil litigation arising out of the covered use of a firearm for self-defense.

  • Civil Actions – Indemnity. In the event of an adverse civil judgment occurring from a covered event, the policy will pay monetary awards (up to the limit of liability).
  • Criminal Actions – Legal Defense Reimbursement. Policy will reimburse insured for reasonable legal expenses incurred while defending themself against criminal charges arising from the use of a firearm in self-defense (up to the limit of liability).
  • Criminal Actions – Legal Defense Retainer. Advances funds to the insured to cover the cost of retaining legal counsel to defend against a criminal action.
  • Firearm Theft Civil Liability. Provides legal defense for civil actions resulting from bodily injury/property damage caused by firearm stolen from the insured.
  • Psychological Sessions. Reimbursement for therapy sessions with a licensed professional to help the insured cope with the trauma associated with using a firearm in self-defense.
  • Legal Defense Hotline. Access to a hotline staffed by legal professionals. This service is provides advice on questions relating to the use of a firearm in self-defense.


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As the Vice President of Operations, Mr. McCallin is responsible for managing all underwriting and administrative functions within Rockwood. He has been instrumental in automating many facets of the operation, vastly improving efficiency and quality control.

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