An SIAA agent contacted us about an inquiry she had from one of her customers about gun liability insurance.


She said while doing some research on the product, she found Rockwood listed on the SIAA partnership page.


Although she read through the material supplied on the website, she still wasn’t able to find exactly what she needed to formulate a clear response for her customer.


The role of a trusted resource: answers in depth


So she gave us a call to ask about how to respond to her customer’s question. The producer specifically wanted to know how our gun liability policy would respond if the customer already had purchased an umbrella policy.


I highlighted two points that helped her with her coverage concern.


  • First, we discussed how our policy would respond in the event of a claim by reserving our rights and then the claims administrator would investigate and provide a defense as required for the insured.


  • Secondly, I noted when there is duplicate or secondary coverage our carrier would look at the “other insurance” clause in our policy to sort out how any claim will be handled.


    Depending on that wording, the claim could be handled and paid by us or by another company.


Providing more than answers, but expert advice

I suggested she contact the customer’s umbrella carrier to review their policy language with them to determine if their policy would respond as well and find out how they would handle processing a claim.


I also offered that we could contact our claims administrator to review the umbrella coverage form to see how it may respond if she wasn’t able to get in touch with the umbrella carrier.


The agent took my suggestion and contacted the other carrier to see how they would respond. Her conversation with them went well and she was able to alleviate any of her customer’s concerns over how both policies would respond in the event of a claim.


The agent asked us to provide her with a test quote to show her customer the mechanics of the purchasing process and then she was able to sell her client on purchasing a gun liability policy with us.


From answers to advice to ideas to more business


This agent remains very enthusiastic about the product. We even discussed some ideas on how to market the product going forward. She has already started incorporating these suggestions into her prospecting routines to secure more applications for us to review in the future.


A month later, this same agent asked us for a policy comparison to share with her customers. We sent her our side by side generic comparison and shortly thereafter she submitted another application to be bound. She later thanked us for being a teacher and partner in regard to gun liability.


Rockwood is happy to help our agents understand our product offerings, provide expert advice and give them ideas on how they can successfully market them to their clients.


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As the Vice President of Operations, Mr. McCallin is responsible for managing all underwriting and administrative functions within Rockwood. He has been instrumental in automating many facets of the operation, vastly improving efficiency and quality control.

Mr. McCallin has been a Rockwood employee since 1997. He has a B.S. degree from Kutztown State.