Reduce Risk and Create a Competitive Edge with Enhanced HIPAA Compliance

Rapid changes in technology have posed increasing threats to the security of patient health information.

Given the number of recent breaches caused by cyber-attacks, the risks are real and need to be managed effectively.

Boosting the strength of your HIPAA compliance can in turn boost revenue by helping you stand out from competitors – as well as by reducing the risk of costly lawsuits over Personal Health Information (PHI) mishandling.

Many healthcare-related organizations and individuals have purchased a data breach insurance policy to protect them in the event that they face a breach.

While this insurance can be very useful in helping cover the rising costs of a healthcare breach, it is not a standalone solution to protecting an organization or an individual for the costs of a breach. 



We recommend the following steps to enhance HIPAA compliance:

  • Complete basic HIPAA security activities
  • Develop risk management strategies, incident response protocol, and a business interruption contingency plan

For healthcare professionals and medical billers, the good news is that there are now advanced software programs to help with the implementation and compliance of HIPAA privacy and security regulations. If you handle PHI, you can now easily boost compliance across these critical activities:

  • Perform periodic risk assessments
  • Check your documentation and storage
  • Implement security and privacy policies and procedures
  • Conduct HIPAA awareness training

Are you offering the appropriate coverages to your clients who store PHI data? 

Let the Rockwood team help you answer that question with a quick review of their current. We can help make sure you client has the appropriate coverage that provides:

  • Coverage for claims alleging errors or omissions in the performance of or failure to perform a service for a fee
  • Coverage for third party claims resulting from a security breach or privacy breach
  • Coverage for defense costs and civil fines and penalties levied by government agencies arising out of non-compliance with HIPAA regulation


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Brian Sweeney is currently an Underwriter at Rockwood, and is responsible for both the agency’s Allied Healthcare and Not-For-Profit D&O portfolios. He has been a Rockwood employee since 2000.