Does Your E&O Policy Cover Independent Contractors?

We all need reminders every now and then, and you can count on the Rockwood team to be the “string around your finger” when it comes to the critical items on your insurance to-do list.


Today, we would like to call out a big item on that to-do list: reviewing your policy form to ensure you have coverage for 1099/Independent Contractors.


Your Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy can potentially cover independent contractors. Without that coverage, you are open to an E&O exposure.


While some insurance companies do not cover independent contractors if they are incorporated – or charge an extra premium for this coverage – Rockwood’s Insurance Agents E&O policy now includes the independent contractor coverage at no added cost.

Check Your E&O Policy


These distinctions among providers make it essential to read your policy form – to ensure you have the coverage that will protect you should a claim arise.


We encourage you to check your E&O policy to determine how it addresses your independent contractor coverage.


No two policies are identical, and this is one of the gray areas where there are important differences among carriers.

And if you are looking to change E&O carriers, this is definitely one of the key sections to review thoroughly.

The bottom line… Make sure you and your clients are covered from acts performed by the independent contractor for services that are performed on behalf of the named insured.    

To learn more about Rockwood’s E&O Program which provides independent contractor coverage at no added cost, please visit our website.    


Blair Springman is currently an underwriter within the agency’s Life Agent’s E&O unit.  She initially joined Rockwood Programs in 2005 as a receptionist. 

Ms. Springman was promoted to underwriting assistant in 2007.   She was promoted to her current position the same year.