Securing Coverage for a Not-So-Average Joe

I received a new business submission from a life & health agent located in Texas. In reviewing it further, I noticed that the claims question was answered "yes."


However, it was apparent that this claim did not pertain to his life, accident, and health business.


In reviewing the documentation provided, it appeared that he was not your average insurance agent. The agent was also working as!


One of my first thoughts was, "I wonder if this agent has an Employment Practices Liability Policy? This could get messy."


An Intriguing Backstory


He had employed a dental assistant and provided the employee's mother with around $9,000 worth of dental work. He later fired the dental assistant from his practice.


The employee's mother then filed a complaint to the state dental board for inadequate dental records. After a two-year wait, a remedial plan was agreed upon between the applicant and the state board to remedy the complaint.


Even though this complaint was not related to his Life & Health agency, it was not a good reflection on the administrative and professional procedures of the applicant.


I referred the submission to our contact at Lloyds of London with details and documentation. Lloyds declined the application with their typical British spin, "As insurance agent's exposure is administrative in nature, this does not fill me with great confidence. I prefer to give this one a miss."


The carrier also stated, "Not sure why a dentist would be also acting as an insurance agent."


No kidding!


Ultimately, I was still able to help the client despite all of these strange circumstances by contacting an outside market. The end result: we secured coverage for this individual through another carrier.


At Rockwood we work to find the unique solutions, even in difficult—and strange—circumstances. If an agent or an insured is caught in what seems to be an unsolvable crisis, reach out to Rockwood.


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Blair Springman is currently an underwriter within the agency's Life Agent's E&O unit. She initially joined Rockwood Programs in 2005 as a receptionist.

Ms. Springman was promoted to underwriting assistant in 2007. She was promoted to her current position the same year.