When it comes to purchasing Errors & Omissions insurance, agents specializing in Life/Accident & Health products have plenty of options. 

Some of these alternatives offer coverage at a very low premium.  We suggest you evaluate these products carefully, as a wrong choice may wind up hurting you down the road. 

Here are some questions to ask before buying a policy:

Will I keep my retro-date? 

Some low-priced offerings in the marketplace provide the insurance “RDI” (Retro-Date Inception).  That means the insurer begins coverage on the day the policy starts – with no cover given for anytime before.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while – and have consistently purchased E&O during that time – you are essentially leaving yourself exposed to any losses that may have occurred prior to the effective date of your current policy. 

Don’t toss away this valuable protection for the sake of a few dollars!

Is this an individual or group plan? 

Programs written on a group basis usually have an overall aggregate limit.  Once all of the participant’s losses reach that threshold, there will be no more coverage available for any other claims until the start of the next policy year. 

Plans written on an individual basis are not impacted by losses incurred by others.

Rockwood offers a comprehensive Life Agent’s E&O policy form at an affordable cost.  We include ancillary coverages and features – like General Liability and access to Risk Mitigation Tools – at no additional charge.


This policy is written on a claims-made and reported basis and provides professional liability coverage for wrongful acts occurring after the retroactive date stated on the declarations page and reported during the policy period.


The policy provides coverage for any actual or alleged act, error or omission committed solely in the performance of or failure to perform professional services or a claim for libel, slander or invasions of privacy.


Professional services are those services performed for commissions and/or fees in your activities as a life, accident and health insurance agent.


  • Limits of Liability from $250,000/$250,000 up to $1,000,000/$3,000,000 available
  • Deductibles starting as low as $2,500 up to $25,000
  • $100,000 General Liability Coverage provided at no additional cost to the policyholder
  • Punitive damage protection where permitted by law
  • Extended Reporting Period
  • Available for one year
  • Critical Risk Management Tools offer an array of loss control aids are available for review on Rockwood’s website

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Blair Springman is currently an underwriter within the agency’s Life Agent’s E&O unit.  She initially joined Rockwood Programs in 2005 as a receptionist. 

Ms. Springman was promoted to underwriting assistant in 2007.   She was promoted to her current position the same year.