"Stick with a company that will stick with you"

Over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in the number of policies being non-renewed by carriers after the insured files a claim.


A non-renewal puts the Insured in a predicament because finding a new carrier willing to offer coverage when there is an open claim is difficult.


Non-Renewal: You're Not Alone


After filing a claim to their insurance carrier, the last thing the Insured needs to feel is they are left on their own to deal with the outcome.


From offering a 24-hour Risk Management Hotline to having a top notch legal team working to defend our Insured's business and reputation, our clients' are never left to sort things out on their own.


Fox Point: The "A Team" of Underwriters, Defenders, and Carriers


In working with the Underwriters, our carrier works hard to review and understand the individual claims scenario the Insured faces.


Whereas other carriers may be non-renewing policies after a claim is filed, whether it's a false allegation claim or not, our carrier considers each policy individually, offering renewal terms on many of these accounts.


Real World. Real Results.

After filing a claim in 2016, our current Insured was profoundly thankful for our great legal team, as well as renewal consideration by our carrier even after settling at $42,500.


He understood the impact a mishandled claim or a non-renewal could have on his career and was extremely grateful saying, "I'm just thankful that I still have insurance and my career isn't over."


Our Underwriters strive to provide the coverage and service Insureds deserve. With our legal team's ability to defend, as well as our carrier's desire to protect the insured's reputation and business, Fox Point is unique in the market as a company that sticks with our clients.


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Hannah Border began her insurance career in 2010 with Fox Point Programs as an underwriting assistant. After obtaining her insurance license in 2015 she was promoted to a professional liability broker and enjoys her job every day.

Hannah loves to play softball and volleyball as much as possible. In her free time, she enjoys the beach, shopping, spending time with her husband and their families and now working on their new home.