Turning an Inquiry into a Relationship and a Growing Business

When I first talked to an agent who was working with a podiatrist, I did not know what to expect because she had no experience with professional lines and was unfamiliar with medical malpractice insurance.


I started off simply explaining what advantages Rockwood, as a program administrator and brokerage firm, had to offer compared to shopping the risk directly with an insurance company where only one product and one price could be offered.

What started as a simple agent’s inquiry into the availability of our Podiatric Physician professional liability insurance program blossomed into the opportunity for both of us to prosper and gain a foothold into a growing podiatric practice.

The Power of Mentoring

I could see we had a connection and believed this call could turn into a valued, long term relationship. Early on there were teaching moments where I was happy to explain the differences between “claims-made and “occurrence” coverage options and the reasons why prior acts and “tail” coverage were important and how to highlight them in their sales pitch.


Soon we were seeing some of the agent’s marketing efforts pay off as we began to get an increasing flow of podiatrist submissions.


We were quickly turning these submissions around and providing multiple premium indications, including a coverage and premium comparison.


Building Trust and a Book of Business

We were able to assist the agent in obtaining the trust of his first podiatrist client by offering a competitive rate and more comprehensive coverage through Medical Protective. His client moved his coverage from PICA after being insured with them for over 10 years.


The next year we added coverage for his newly formed podiatric practice. We have added a new podiatrist to her practice every year since we started the relationship and our book of business together continues to grow today. 

Rockwood X-Factor: Trusted Recommendations

We have discovered that we are not always going to have the best rates but our agents and insureds can trust our impartial professional advice. It's what sets us apart! We ensure they don’t get drawn into offers of lower prices only to discover they have accepted a limited coverage option. We are eager to explain the different coverage options available to them.


We value our relationships and will only make recommendations that are in their best interest of our agents and our insureds.


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Brian Sweeney is currently a Underwriter at Rockwood, and is responsible for both the agency’s Allied Healthcare and Not-For-Profit D&O portfolios. He has been a Rockwood employee since 2,000.