Is your banking client protected against professional and management liability claims?

  • A bank employee claims she is being harassed by the bank manager.
  • A job applicant claims he was not hired due to age discrimination.
  • A borrower claims the bank contributed to its business going bankrupt.

Rockwood Programs has partnered with Fortegra Specialty Insurance (A- “Excellent”) to offer a comprehensive package of professional and management liability products for financial institutions.

Banker Defender from Rockwood Programs is a portfolio of management and professional liability insurance coverage that addresses the unique liability exposures faced by financial institutions.

Financial Institutions that are the subject of regulatory enforcement decisions/orders are eligible for the coverage.

Scrutiny brought by state and federal regulatory agencies can make it difficult for the banks to secure vital insurance. Even firms with sound portfolio risk management protocols can be caught off-guard by changing governmental fiscal policies or socio-political events.

Bankers Defender provides a wide array of management and professional liability products:

  • Directors & Officers
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Employment Practices, Lender Liability
  • And more

Our claims administrator is Wilson Elser – an internationally recognized law firm with a reputation for providing an advocacy defense for its clients.

Liability Limits:

Bankers Defender offers liability limits of up to $5,000,000 on all lines except Employment Practices ($2,000,000 maximum). Financial institution crime bonds are also available under the initiative.

Coverage Classes:

In addition to financial institutions, mortgage bankers/brokers, auto lenders, asset-based lenders, community development funds, and similar entities are also eligible for coverage.

To learn more, contact:
Bill Hess, Vice President, Financial Institution Division