Is your client protected against employment-related claims?

  • 42% of EPLI-related lawsuits are filed against companies with fewer than 100 employees.
  • Over the last 20 years employee lawsuits have risen roughly 400%
  • Roughly 7 out of 10 businesses don’t carry EPLI insurance.

Many business owners falsely believe EPLI claims are covered by General Liability. Or they say, “My business can absorb the cost of a lawsuit.”

  • The average cost of settling out of court for an employment claim is $75,000.
  • The average jury award for an employment-related case is $217,000.
  • Plaintiffs win trials nearly three-quarters of the time.
  • Plus, you likely have to pay court costs and legal fees.
  • Defending a frivolous lawsuit can cost more than $50,000.

Rockwood’s EPLI policy shields employers – plus all current, former and prospective employees, directors and officers, even the corporate entity – against a broad spectrum of employment-related claims.

Policy Coverage Features*

  • Third Party Wrongful Acts
  • Wage and Hour (subject to sub-limit)
  • Full Prior Acts/Prior Acts

*Certain restrictions may apply

Forms and Applications


Policy Benefits

  • Advocacy claims defense provided by nationally-recognized legal experts
  • Access to risk management hotline available to all policyholders
  • Defense Outside the Limits of Liability available via endorsement

EPLI is currently available on an admitted basis in most states.