Financial Institutions

Rockwood Programs has partnered with Fortegra Specialty Insurance (A- “Excellent”) to offer a comprehensive package of professional and management liability products customized to meet the needs of Financial Institutions. Risks are written on a surplus lines basis.

Below is a summary of the coverages offered:

Product: We are targeting depository (banks) and non-deposit-based entities, traditional as well as unique insurance solutions for managerial liability (D&O, E&O, EPL, Lenders Liability, Corporate Fiduciary, Trust E&O, etc.).and also financial institution crime bond exposures.

Insurance Company:
Fortegra Specialty Insurance
A.M. Best A- Excellent
Class VIII

Program Limits: Up to $5,000,000. Additional limits are available through the Fac Marketplace, using both domestic and London facilities.

Managerial/professional liability exposures are D&O-driven and fidelity exposures Fidelity Bond-driven (endorsements to these coverages); i.e. BPL, EPL or Lender Liability, etc. will not be written mono-line. EPL is sub-limited to $2,000,000.

Desired Classes Considered

Closely held private trust companies.
Deposit and Non-deposit style lenders, i.e., community banking institutions, mortgage bankers/brokers, auto lenders, asset based-lenders, community development funds, etc.

Claims Handling: Wilson-Elser

To learn more, please view our recent press release.

Contact Information: Bill Hess, Vice President, Financial Institution Division (