Optometrists Medical Malpractice

Rockwood Programs has been a premier provider of Medical Malpractice Insurance for over a decade. We understand the unique liability exposures facing Optometrists today. Let our knowledgeable staff work with you to secure a quote option today.


Key Features

  • Coverage for optometrists and their staff
  • Coverage for opticians, ophthalmic technologist and optometric technologist
  • Coverage options for Lasik Surgery Centers and Physicians
  • Vicarious liability coverage for additional insureds
  • Separate limit corporation coverage
  • Shared limit corporation coverage at no additional charge where available*
  • Student, extern and board coverage
  • Payment plans
  • Wide range of coverages included some with sublimits*:

    • Premises liability
    • Personal injury liability
    • Good samaritan coverage
    • Administrative hearing and medicare/medicaid billing defense
    • Professional services coverage for service on committees and peer reviews
    • Medical payments & first aid
    • Deposition fees when not named
    • Loss of earnings per day while assisting in defense
    • HIPAA proceeding expense
    • Sexual misconduct defense
    • Locum tenens coverage
    • Property of others in your care, custody & control

*Product availability varies upon business and regulatory approval.

Our carriers offer both occurrence and claims-made coverage.

Wide Range of Credits

  • Our carriers can save you money by applying credits including:

    • New-to-practice credit
    • Part-time credit
    • Risk management credit
    • Group size credit
    • Associate membership credit available for state and national associations
    • Flexibility for leave of absence, including military leave, educational leave, sabbaticals, short-term disability and FMLA



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