Custom Specialty Agency Services

MGA ART Services

Rockwood Insurance Solutions has both in-houses and external ART expertise to guide a MGA/PA through the intricacies of ART structures, legal requirements, board of director guidelines & other offshore options such as:

  • Specialty ART Analysis – RIS has been retained to help MGA’s evaluate the feasibility of alternative risk transfer structures for specialized industry programs.
  • Agency Capitves – Since its inception, RIS has also served in the capacity of consultant for the formation of several agency-owned captive insurance companies based offshore and domestically.
  • ART Hybrids – RIS has also been active in evaluating segregated protected cells, mutual insurance structures and rent-a-captive solutions for MGA/PA’s.

To explore offshore solutions or to evaluate options for your agency or book-of-business contact us by email Click here or give us a call at 302 765 2088.


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