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With over 15 years of working directly with Managing General Agencies and Program Administrators, Rockwood Insurance Solutions (RIS) has been the go-to consulting group for MGA/PA start-ups and/or program enhancement/expansion. In addition to Rockwood’s extensive MGA client base, RIS has developed strong relationships with core membership of Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA), the leading program business association in the U.S. and an organization that was originally founded by Rockwood’s senior management team.

RIS is well grounded in all aspects of running a successful MGA/PA operation and can provide highly skilled consulting in the following areas:

  • Program Assessment (start-ups) – What are the upside and potential downsides of a start-up specialty program? Access to experienced resources to conduct a feasibility study.
  • Carrier Partnership (start-ups) – Who are some of the most logical carrier partners for a given specialty exposure in view of the competitive set and the carrier parameters on start-up premium?
  • Program Management (any program) – What are some of the most important “best practices” that a typical program manager or start-up manager should strive to achieve?
  • Program Marketing (any program) – What are the available tools and resources that MGA/PA’s can access to help communicate their programs attributes to independent agents & brokers?
  • Program Auditing (established programs) – Who are the best choices to conduct a 2-3 year audit of an ongoing program in terms of growth, profitability, services, loss history and future outlook?

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