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While Rockwood Insurance Solutions (RIS) has its roots in the insurance product and program side of MGA/PA services, it has also developed since its inception an exclusive group of financial services partners with extensive experience serving MGA/PA’s. Leveraging assets often overlooked by traditional lending institutions, RIS has found financial partners who understand the value of contracted premium commissions. Even in tough economic times, RIS has put qualified MGA/PA together with skilled lenders who understand the stability of well run MGA/PA businesses.

Therefore, if your program operation is contemplating financing or other financial services to expand your business, Rockwood Insurance Services can provide guidance in the following specialty areas:

  • Business Loans – From traditional, to standard collaterized to innovative alternative financing business loans, RIS can advise MGA/PA’s on available options, contacts and lending resources.
  • Book of Business Acquisition – RIS is experienced in putting buyers and sellers together when the sale of an agency or book of specialty insurance insureds is looking for a new owner.
  • Business Capital – For business owners looking to make a substantial investment in their business. whether it be fixed assets, office locations and/or entrance into a new business segment, RIS can help.
  • Debt Consolidation – RIS is also versed in assisting MGA/PA’s with re-financing debt partners as well as accelerated debt payoff. The key ingredient is financial partners with insurance entity experience.

To learn more, please provide an overview of your financial needs via email Click here or give us a call at 302 765 2088.


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